Peticolas Brewing Company

Peticolas Brewing Company

2026 Farrington St.

Dallas, TX 75207



How many people can trace their brewing roots back to their mom?  Well, Michael Peticolas’s mom, Jacque Peticolas, started brewing a Mexican styled beer at her El Paso home in the mid 1990s.  Poured from big brown 22 ounce bomber bottles, those copper colored light ales with a hint of apricot hit the spot, especially during the long hot Texas summers.  That’s when we first experienced the satisfaction of drinking and sharing beer made at home that tasted better than the beer for sale down the street.
Years later, our friend, Michael Melder, convinced us to take the brewing plunge.  Melder showed up at our house with brewing equipment piled high in both arms.  He not only gathered enough of his surplus equipment to brew, but let us keep it all too.  So we picked up some ingredients and later that night, brewed our first 5 gallon batch of beer, a Pavel Kwak clone.  Although it would be weeks before we could enjoy the fruits of our labor, we had a ball that night and instantly developed an affinity for the beer making process.  Before we knew it, we owned multiple brewing texts, upgraded our equipment, and enjoyed countless batches of our own homebrew.
After homebrewing for some time and developing a passion for all things beer, we received an offer to invest in a brewery start up.  While contemplating the investment, Melissa asked Michael “Why don’t we do this ourselves?”  The proverbial light bulb lit up in our heads and from that point on, we started planning a brewery of our own.  The more we learned about the brewing industry, the more excited we became with the prospect of opening a family owned brewery.  In pursuit of this goal and in recognition of the value of education, Michael completed the Intensive Brewing Science and Engineering course offered by the American Brewers Guild.  After that, opening a brewery became a full time Peticolas job.
We could not have made our brewery a reality without the help of some amazing friends.  Fellow homebrewer Doug Ames was a sounding board for us from the start.  Doug’s feedback on a ridiculously wide range of issues was vital to our decision making processes from day one, and he continues to bring a level of creativity to the table that would be lacking without him.  The guidance provided by Brewmaster Greg Matthews has been invaluable.  Greg was instrumental to our transition from homebrew to commercial beer production.  From making his commercial brewery available to helping with recipe formulation, we would not be where we are today without Greg’s contributions.  Countless others offered their help and encouragement along the way.  You know who you are and we truly appreciate y’all’s help.
As we look forward to the unwritten chapters of this story, we hope you become a part of it too!

Velvet Hammer Imperial Red Ale; 9% ABV

Golden Opportunity; 4.6% ABV

Royal Scandal English Pale Ale; 6.5% ABV

Great Scot! Scottish Ale; 6.8% ABV