Southern Star Brewing Company

Southern Star Brewing Company

1207 N. FM 3083 Rd East

 Conroe, TX 77303



Located in Conroe, Texas, Southern Star Brewing Company provides canned craft beers to enjoy from our 10,000 square foot warehouse.

Production began in March of 2008 with our signature beer of Pine Belt Pale Ale which is distributed in 16 ounce cans(or kegs). This has expanded to now include our Bombshell Blonde(an American Blonde ale style) and our Buried Hatchet Stout(Strong American Stout style) which are both packaged in 12 ounce cans along with kegs.

One exciting offering we started in 2009 is our annual Pro-AM competition. Home brewers submit their favorite homebrew where the winning entry will then be up scaled to be brewed on our system. Our first Pro-AM winner, a Saison style, was a great success.

Currently our beers are distributed throughout the larger cities in Texas including Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and College Station. However, we have now expanded our distribution outside of Texas including Alabama, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and South Carolina. Keep an eye out for us in some of your favorite pubs or beverage stores. Also check our Distributors section for updates on where to find us. Unfortunately we cannot be more specific in telling you where to find our beer due to Texas Law.

Burried Hatchet Stout; 8.25% ABV

Bombshell Blonde: 5.25% ABV

Pine Belt Pale Ale; 6.3% ABV

Le Mort Vivant; 6.8% ABV