New Republic Independent Microbrewery

New Republic Independent Microbrewery

11405 North Dowling Rd

College Station, TX 77845



Honestly, we are a small brewery founded by 2 guys who love good beer.  We get inspiration from traditional German and English styles then add a personal touch.  Brewing is a craft and we are happy tradesmen.

We’re no two-percenters. NRB is run by a core of current and former students (and one slightly befuddled non-Aggie). Leave a penny for Sully on our behalf and enjoy a New Republic beer when you celebrate.

Local beer is all about good beer. The best beer you’re ever going to have is right after it comes out of the brewery. When it’s fresh it’s going to taste great.  We are Aggieland’s first microbrewery so come take a tour and get the freshest beer you can.

Bellows Texas Amber Ale; 5.2% ABV

Skylight Dunkelweizen; 5.4% ABV