Twisted X Brewing Company

Twisted X Brewing Company

23455 W RR 150

Dripping Springs, TX 78620



Jim Sampson had been brewing beer since the late 90s and started thinking about taking his brewing passion to the next level and turning it into a business.. In early 2009, Shane Bordeau started spending time brewing with Jim and became actively involved in the new business concept. They both shared the visions of Mexican style beers brewed in Texas by Texans. They knew they wanted to be the first to market with Tex Mex Beer. Jim and Shane bought an initial 10 gallon pilot system in September of 2009. This system allowed for consistent production of the recipes to get them tasting exactly as desired and the first few recipes were born.
Twisted X’s mission is to create a new Texas styled Mexican beer market – “Tex Mex Beer”, profitably make great tasting beer, have fun, and treat people right (consumers and employees).  Grow our business on the foundation of a Tex Mex marketing approach expanding to other Merchandise, Salsa, Chips, Food (Beer Bread), and other uniquely local cultured items.
At the current pilot Phase 1 of the brewery and after upgrading the brewhouse, Twisted X released three types of “small batch” brews.  We launched with a Premier Tex Mex Lager – Twisted X, a full flavor dark larger – Cow Creek, and a jalapeno infused pilsner – Fuego, each of which appeals to our target market segment. Because they range from being moderately light to especially light in body, these brews do not exclude the general market and therefore promote trial. Our initial three brews touch on a variety of tastes, so as to provide at least one Twisted X brew to satisfy the preferences of most beer drinking consumers. As brewery operations expand, additional brews will become available based on consumer tastes for seasonal brews and opportunities presented by the local and regional market. Additional brews include but are certainly not limited to Chupahopra – an Amarillo dry-hopped IPA; Siesta – a Prickly Pear Lager; Senor Viejo – an Imperial Black Lager aged in Republic Tequila and other ideas uniquely Tex Mex.
BWBC, INC. dba Twisted X Brewing Company is organized as a Texas Corporation for the purpose of manufacturing and selling beer. Twisted X is the maker of a unique, hand-crafted set of beers that appeal to both the American and Mexican beer drinking markets while still following the traditional craft brewing guidelines. The company was founded in 2009 and has been selling beer to the local market since May 2011. Twisted X branded beer is currently available in select bars/pubs in the Austin, Texas area.
Twisted X’s signature line of hand-crafted beers are well positioned to succeed within the fastest growing segment of the Beer Industry, the Craft Beer segment, a market space in which total sales revenue have more than doubled in the past 5 years.  The Craft Beer industry grew 11% by volume and 12% in dollars in 2010. By leveraging Twisted X’s unique marketplace positioning, strong brand equity and sales momentum, the Company will be able to grow and develop a profitable business model that can be expanded to a multi-regional and national level.
Texas microbreweries are among the fastest growing in the U.S. with sales increasing from 9,446 barrels in 2002 to 48,933 barrels in 2008, a 418% increase. The year 2008 alone saw a 34% increase in sales (2009/10).  Local breweries have been unable to increase production fast enough to meet demand, and are selling every drop they make. With the market for craft beer in Texas rapidly expanding, new breweries will emerge and achieve great success. We seek to take advantage of this opportunity and create a new market that sits between the traditional craft brew and hugely popular Mexican and American beer markets called “Tex Mex Beer”.
Help us spread the word by asking for it by name at your local bar, restaurant, and/or tap rooms.  For the love of beer! Tex Mex Beer.
Always drink upstream from the herd…

Twisted X Premium Lager; 5.1% ABV

Cow Creek Dark Lager; 5.4% ABV

Fuego Jalapeno Pilsner; 6.5% ABV

Chupahopra; 7.5% ABV

Siesta Prickly Pear Lager; 5.5% ABV

Senior Viejo Imperial Black Lager; 8.2% ABV