Thirsty Planet Brewing Company

Thirsty Planet Brewing Company

11160 Circle Dr.

Austin, TX 78736



We at Thirsty Planet Brewing believe our purpose is multi-faceted.  It begins with just good, old-fashioned passion.  Beer is our passion.  We enjoy the history of beer, its humble, but amazing beginnings, the way it brings people together, and it’s unbelievable versatility.  We truly believe you should follow your passion and enjoy life.  How better to do that than open Thirsty Planet Brewing Company.

Our purpose then morphs into doing the right thing.  For us, this includes being environmentally conscious.  We have laced filters in our drains for run-off water, so we can use that water to irrigate our lawns and plants.  We also plan to purchase solar panels for our brewery.  We recycle, and you will quickly learn that after visiting our beautiful tasting room.  Check out our bar, you will see what we mean.

Another important aspect of doing the right thing is through charitable donations.  We have been truly blessed in life and want to give to those who are in need of a blessing.  A portion of our Yellow Armadillo Wheat sales will go to a local cancer research/support foundation, and a portion of our Thirsty Goat Amber sales will go to help purchase farm animals (maybe goats?) for needy people in third world countries.  So, not only can we feel good for helping people, you can feel good every time you purchase Thirsty Planet beer.  It’s a win-win situation!

Buckethead IPA

Yellow Armadillo Wheat

Thirsty Goat Amber