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Austin, TX  78756

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The Pinthouse Pizza brewing style is a hop-forward, American-fusion style that emphasizes the flavor and aroma of the beloved hop flower without the traditional bitterness associated with hoppy beers. We are proud to be working with some of the best hop growers in the country and are excited to be showcasing these flavor profiles. Our beers are influenced by the English traditions of complexity and drinkability but still wholly represent American Craft. 

Calma Muerta – 4.8% ABV Session Ale

Although a Session Ale is not a formal BJCP style, it is a historical style of beer similar in spirit to a Mild Ale or Ordinary Bitter. The term “session” originated from a British tradition, where people spent more time drinking in their local pubs than their homes. One would often say they are going to the pub for a “drinking session” with their mates. Craft Brewers have begun to brew hoppier versions of these English Ales with American hops and an American spin. Calma Muerta is like taking what we love about an IPA and making it into a 4.8% ABV beer that you can “session” all day long.

Fruit forward hop profile in the nose provides citrus, grapefruit and lemon notes that blend together creating complex aromatics reminiscent of Fruit Loops. The bright fruit from the hops carries through the taste and finishes clean and dry with a soft grain characteristic. The beer’s light bitterness provides a “sessionable” balance.

Iron Genny – 5.4% ABV Pale Ale

Somewhere between an American Style Pale Ale and an English Style Pale Ale lives our Iron Genny. This beer’s hop character blends the classic American Pale Ale with the classic English Pale Ale. An assorted blend of Citrus and Geranial hops mix with an earthy and herbal backbone to fill the nose with an extended flavor throughout the beer. This unique blend of American and English hop varieties adds complexity and depth to the flavor and provides a clean, balanced bitterness. The small charge of Crystal malt adds color and a hint of nutty sweetness to create a pleasant hop character that hangs on the finish. With just enough malt character to provide “balance” to the hops, Iron Genny finishes dry and crisp.

Bearded Seal – 6.1% ABV Imperial Dry Irish Stout

Bearded Seal is a stronger, bolder version of traditional Dry Irish Stout, however not quite an Imperial Stout. Whereas other Dry Irish Stouts come in at less than 5% ABV, Bearded Seal comes in at 6.1% ABV., capturing the intensity of a higher ABV beer yet remaining drinkable and complex.

Pleasant herbal character shines through from the generous hop addition playing off the rich coffee and chocolate notes. The flavor of this beer begins roasty and intense and then finishes soft and clean with a refreshingly smooth dry finish.

Man O’ War – 6.5% ABV IPA

Not so long ago there was a war, an IBU war, in which breweries raced to brew a beer with more bitterness than anyone could imagine. During this dark period, IPAs seemed required to be bitter by definition, some people liked them, some people did not. Who knows the winner of that war, but thankfully it is finally over and it’s time for the new school of IPAs! These IPAs focus on the flavors and aromas of that glorious green cone… the hop…and not on melting your face with bitterness for no real reason. Man O’ War is a new school IPA!

Bright tropical fruits and juicy citrus in the nose are followed by a mouthful of resiny citrus and just a wee bit of clean bitterness to balance it all out. Much less bitter than many IPAs out there, yet so much hoppier. 

Fallen Cask – Approximately 5 To 8% ABV IPA

Why Fallen Cask? Well as the story goes: Once upon a time, long ago in England, when they were colonizing India, they would send beer along with the normal rations. To survive the long journey they brewed beers with a higher ABV and more hops (a natural preservative). These beers eventually mellowed out by the end of the long journey and likely tasted similar to the Pale Ales being served in the British pubs back home.

The story goes on to say, one day during heavy seas a cask filled with Pale Ale bound for India fell off the boat. Dockworkers, upon seeing the floating cask, set out to retrieve the fallen cask from rough harbor waters. After the cask’s retrieval and tapping, it become obvious that the workers loved the taste of the higher ABV and higher bitterness that the fresh Pale Ale bound for India offered. The dockworkers demanded brewers make this “new” beer for the local pubs. From that one fallen cask in an English harbor the IPA as we know it was born! In honor of that event, our Fallen Cask series is an ever changing, constantly evolving expression of the IPA, which we have come to love.