Austin Eastciders

Austin Eastcider

Austin Eastciders

979 Springdale Rd

Austin, TX 78702

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For us, making cider is about following the traditions that made cider the Original Drink of America, the most popular drink in the land until Temperance broke up the party. We use antique cider apple varieties, high in tannins and acids, to produce flavors that have not been widely experienced in America since Prohibition. These are the apples from which hard cider was traditionally made. During Prohibition many cider apple orchards were destroyed, meaning cider has since been made with eating apples. We use real cider apples, we use the wild yeasts in the apples for a natural fermentation and we add nothing which isn’t present naturally in the fruit, no concentrate, no colorings and no artificial sweeteners.

Gold Top Cider; 5.9% ABV