Long Wooden Spoon Brewing

Long Woodend Spoon Brewing


Long Wooden Spoon was first created and developed with one main goal in mind. Quality. Simply fed up with commercial quanity and lack of quality, LWS was created with two friends, a cluttered garage and an undying passion for craft beer. Starting with basic knowledge, basic equipment and well, basically nothing, we created our first brew. In the fall of 2009, receiving steam burns while stirring a pot of boiling wort with a wooden spoon, the comment was made, “man, I wish we had a long wooden spoon!” The name stuck.

With the support and approval of still living family and friends we began to entertain the thought of brewing craft beer on a much larger scale. With everyone wanting to buy or begging for our beer, we decided it was time to make it a reality. Though small, brewing quality beer is still our passion. Beer is what brought us together and beer is what we make.