Big Bend Brewing Company

big bend

Big Bend Brewing Company

3401 West Highway 90

Alpine, TX 79830


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 Big Bend Brewing Company makes beer – good beer – but that’s just the beginning of the story. It’s about you, because that’s who we’re making it for. And it’s about West Texas.  Out here the landscape is harsh and unforgiving. Out here you can see for miles around, to heaven and back, and never see a soul. Out here the sun burns hot and the only bullshit comes from actual bulls…and, therein, lies the refreshing truth.  Making it out here, means making it the West Texas way – the timeless way – by being strong and independent, rugged and resourceful and always with the expectation of a little adversity. Out here is never easy, but while trying to earn wealth, reputation, love and respect, there’s comfort in knowing you’ll come across others trying to do the same. Strangers. Kindred spirits. Amigos and amigas. All ready to sit for a spell, crack open a few cold ones, listen, laugh and share their experiences until it’s time to bid each other farewell and get back to it.  It’s a simple life out here. One we believe in. And there’s no place we’d rather be toiling away each day, earning our friends’ respect, 12 ounces at a time.

Tejas Pilsner; 4.7% ABV

La Frontera IPA; 7.8% ABV

No. 22 Porter; 6.4% ABV

Big Bend Hefeweizen; 5.6% ABV

Terlingua Gold Golden Ale; 6% ABV